What is an abstract?

An abstract is a summary of a given topic. In the abstract, it is important to reflect your understanding of the topic studied. The size of the abstract is 2-10 pages, uniqueness is 50-70%. Abstracts are a mandatory part of the curriculum and confirmation of the professional solvency of people involved in scientific activities.

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Writing abstracts is required from university students and secondary specialized educational institutions, a smaller proportion falls on candidates for graduate school and those who already have a scientific degree. As a rule, essays are written to close student gaps or debts. That is why abstracts are needed urgently and inexpensively.

Obligatory writing of abstracts complicates student life in some ways, but with a reasonable approach, considerable benefit can be drawn from this obligation. By volunteering to prepare an essay or by writing it in a quality manner, you can get unofficial, but quite tangible benefits in the intermediate attestations — get an extra point when passing the exam, and automatically pass the test. In addition, many teachers are eager to meet those students who are active in writing essays and show a decent level of training, the ability to work with information.

Some statistics

In order to find the right information for the essay, you need to open 10-20, and sometimes 30 sites. On average, a student spends a day of his time writing an essay: searching for information and editing. Most teachers require an abstract in accordance with the guidelines. Scientific advisers require at least 5 relevant sources of literature: monographs, scientific works (not sites and not textbooks). Children should be taught what is useful to them when they grow up.

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There must be a justification for the importance of the topic or problem being discussed. Next is the most authoritative or closest to the topic opinions of experts, researchers, experts, scientists, etc., research results, scientific developments are highlighted. The paper closes with what can be called the most important contribution of the author – his opinion on the issue, ways to solve the problem, conclusions. When creating an abstract, it is important to follow a certain algorithm of actions, to understand the sequence and importance of the points to which attention should be paid.

It is useful that the author was really interested in the topic and well versed in it, but you can’t always choose a topic yourself. Often this choice is limited by the list and if you clearly understand the algorithm of work, then writing abstract in the future will be easier and easier for you. First, you need to choose an original and relevant topic.

It is desirable that the topic was, above all, interesting to you. Then determine the sources with which you have to work, and carefully study, organize and process them. The writing of the abstract must be preceded by the development and preparation of a plan. This is perhaps the most important moment in the process. The paper over the abstract is completed by providing it to the supervisor, or public speaking.

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